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Archival, Conservation, Museum, Preservation, Restoration materials and supplies.
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On The Edge Ltd. / OTE Archival and Conservation Products...
An Irish owned and based supplier of materials and supplies used by the archival, conservation, museum, preservation and the restoration sectors.

As the name of the company evokes (on the edge) the goal of the business is to supply archival, conservation, museum, preservation and restoration, materials and supplies which house, surround or wrap around the outer edge of documents, artwork, artefacts, etc, providing an environmentally safe archival storage enclosure or support to slow down or prevent any further damage to the stored or displayed article.

Our aim is to source and supply museum standard material and products from around the world, meeting the needs of the Archival, Conservation, Museum, Preservation, Restoration, Libraries, Art Galleries, Universities, Schools, Co. Councils, Archivists, Photographers, Artists, Preservation and Conservation Picture Framers, Collectors and Family Historians, markets in Ireland.
Our Suppliers...
We distribute a comprehensive range of high quality materials and supplies and represent a growing portfolio of world class manufacturers.

We take immense pride in the quality and diversity of the products we supply and of the extensive base of our suppliers. We greatly value the relationships we are developing with each of our suppliers.
Our customers demand the highest level of quality and reliability from the products we provide, in the same way we place this obligation on our suppliers.
We consider that strong supplier relationships are critical to our capacity to streamline today's supply chain allowing us to to provide the best quality products along with value and a world class customer service.
Quality Control: Own Brand versus Branded
Where a branded item is available OTE will supply the branded item. We are not in the business of supplying products without a proven pedigree.