Archival Folding Boxboard

A combination of strength and purity


A laminated folding conservation archival boxboard designed to protect collections from the damage caused by handling, atmospheric pollution, fire and flood disasters. This board meets the most stringent requirements of archival storage for conversion into folders or boxes. Archival Folding Boxboard offers a controlled mini environment for books, papers, photographs and other fragile items.


The coloured surface of the board resists dirt, grease and abrasion, while the smooth white interior surface is designed to minimise abrasion of box contents and has passed the ANSI photographic activity test. Supplied in long grain flat sheets.
Archival Folding Boxboard is available in three callipers, 650micron, 1000micron and 1300micron


The standard stock is light neutral grey/white.


  • Archival Enclosures
  • Boxmaking
  • Folders and Portfolios (650micron)
  • Archival Boxes
  • Small Phase Boxes (650micron)
  • Medium Phase Boxes (1000micron)
  • Large Phase Boxes (1300micron)
  • Conservation Binding
  • Solander Boxes