Archival Polyester Rolls & Sheets

Archival polyester film also described as Melinex® or Mylar® polyester.
Rolls and sheets are made of uncoated chemically inert crystal clear transparent acid free archival pure polyester which is the safes and best protection film available. Archival pure polyester is resistant to most chemicals and abrasions and is dimensionally stable, non-yellowing and approved by the Library of Congress.
Construct your own encapsulation units, envelopes, pockets, book covers and much more. Archival Polyester is a chemically stable, inert film which will not discolour, damage or adhere to artefacts.

Archival Polyester is used for the transparent protection of manuscripts, comics, prints, drawings, maps, photographic prints, posters, wallpaper, works of art on paper, etc.