Bookkeepers Deacidification Spray

Preserve your newspapers! A deacidification spray for your valuable papers.

Use this magnesium-oxide buffering Bookkeepers Deacidification Spray on acidic books or papers to neutralise them. It neither contains atmosphere damaging CFCs or HCFCs. It is virtually odorless and very quick drying when used correctly. Bookkeeper, unlike some other deacidification sprays, does not clog. While it generally will not discolour paper, newsprint, ink, adhesive, or binding materials, you should always be sure to test a small area before all-over use.

Bookkeeper was developed to meet the standards of the United States Library of Congress and extends the life of the paper item three to five times. It is especially useful on newspapers which are likely to deteriorate quickly without deacidification or archival enclosure.  This mixture causes no adverse impact on inks, colours, binding materials and will not discolour newsprint. The spray is non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-flammable.  The mixture dries odour free quickly without blocking the spray nozzle.

The 150g bottle will treat roughly 25 to 30 square feet of paper