Clamshell Boxes Archival

A tightly closing acid free clamshell archival box suitable for the storage of books, photographic material and all sorts of loose and unbound objects.

These acid-free boxes are of a high conservation standard with a clean attractive appearance. The boxes are shipped flat taking up minimum storage space. Once ready to assemble, they have easy to use self-locking tabs with a real professional finish.
Made from 100% cellulose, contains no wood particles. The pH is between 8 and 9.5. Neutral adhesive is used, 4% calcium carbonate buffer is added for further protection. The qualities are in line with technical standards of DIN ISO 9706 ANSI/MISO Z3948-1992, ONORM A1119 and are therefore guaranteed to be age resistant according to current knowledge.

6735-2216 Archival Clamshell Boxes 220 x 160 x 40mm
6735-3021 Archival Clamshell Boxes 302 x 215 x 75mm
6735-3826 Archival Clamshell Boxes 382 x 266 x 94mm
6735-4433 Archival Clamshell Boxes 440 x 330 x 70mm
6735-6151 Archival Clamshell Boxes 619 x 516 x 60mm

Other sizes are available to order, minimum will apply.

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