Cleaning Cloth PEL

The PEL Standard Cleaning Cloth is a micro-fibre cloth that cleans without chemicals. Each PEL cleaning cloth is made from polyester/polyamide ultra micro fibres, creating a cleaning mechanism that is effective either wet or dry. When used damp, this soft cloth cleans all surfaces, especially chrome, stainless steel, brass, plastics and wood. When used dry, the cloth has a natural positive charge that attracts ''negative'' dust and dirt.
The Glass Cloth is specially made to clean glass surfaces gently and immaculately without the use of chemicals. With normal use and correct maintenance, the PEL Cleaning Cloth and Glass Cloth will last for several years and pay for themselves many times over.

6947-3232 Standard Cleaning Cloth - White 320mm x 320mm
6947-5040 Glass Cleaning Cloth - White 400mm x 400mm