Cotton Tip Swabs

Soft cotton tipped applicators, non-abrasive highly absorbent swab, made from USP (U.S.Pharma) grade cotton fibre to ensure consistency of the tip, soft non-abrasive. A seamless cotton tipped swab with no exposed edges, which is compatible with most solvents/chemicals.

Wooden cotton tipped swabs are exceptional good for applying dyes and solvents, removing adhesives and varnishes, and many other tasks.

The long handle makes the swab easier to hold and manipulate for delicate applications, the wooden handle will not dissolve in solvents like the plastic variety can.

These disposable cotton tipped applicators are ideal for conservation and restoration work. Used by paper, photo, textile and painting conservators. Overall length 150mm (6”) with wood shaft.

6870-6005 Cotton Swabs 150mm Pkg/200