EVACON-R Conservation Adhesive

EVACON-R conservation adhesive is a specially formulated neutral pH, non-plasticised, reversible archival paper laminating adhesive. The adhesive is designed to be as safe as possible for all kinds of storage uses including photographs. It has passed the Silver Tarnish Test and PAT Test and is less susceptible to acid hydrolysis than the more common PVA adhesives which can break down and emit acetic acid vapours. These vapours can be particularly harmful to boxed items trapped in a microclimate. The resistance to hydrolysis of the EVACON-R is probably due to the random blocks of ethylene which affect the stereochemistry of the system. The incorporation of a small quantity of calcium carbonate also helps to stabilise the system.
Applications: Suitable for laminating papers and boards, boxmaking, envelopes and general bookbinding work.