Fosshape is an Oddy passed specially engineered polyester material that is similar to a thick felt in a raw state. The product, when applied with wet or dry heat, shrinks about 25% and can be easily shaped over a form, it retains its shape once cooled, making it ideal for low-cost costume mounts. Fosshape 300 is the medium grade, which weights 300 grams per sq/meter with a thickness of about 4mm in the non-activated state. Fosshape 600 is a heavier grade, which weights 600 grams per sq/meter with a thickness of about 6.5 mm in the non-activated state. This truly versatile product could have a number of useful applications for mountmaking and conservation.

  • Fosshape is a suitable material for producing conservation costume mounts and can be easily formed with a wet or dry heat.
  • Durable for indoor or outdoor use, extremely lightweight and even breathable
  • Saves valuable time and labour during the construction process, since no messy additives or drying/setup time required
  • It’s all synthetic and not affected by humid conditions or water, mould and mildew resistant
Sold by the metre
6164-0301 Fosshape 300 - 45" (1143mm) x linear metre
6164-0601 Fosshape 600 - 45" (1143mm) x linear metre
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