JVC Archival DVD-R and Drives

A complete system for archiving and migration of digital media onto JVC Archive Grade DVD-R designed to meet ISO standards ISO/IEC10995 and ISO/IEC29121. These standards are concerned with test methodology and safe long-term storage respectively. The system includes; high quality silver alloy disc, enhanced equipment for recording to minimise the initial error rate and error rate-checking device.

JVC Digital Archival Grade DVD-R
The new standard for Archival Discs and obtaining long term data retention, perfected by employing a special Silver Alloy that improves the discs reflectivity. 
The dense and fine structure of Silver Alloy is more stable and corrosion resistance than standard silver DVD. Provide the lowest initial writing errors which will increase longevity of data even under unfavorable storage conditions. JVC White ink jet receptive coating also protects data from marking pens and ink.

• Archival Grade Silver Alloy 
• 4.7GB DVD-R 
• 1 to 16X speed 
• ISO/IEC 10995 certified

6167-7897 JVC Digital Archival Grade DVD-R Pkg/25

JVC Internal and External Drives
A specially tuned-up drive, manufactured by TEAC, to provide the most suitable laser power for JVC Archival Grade DVD-Rs and minimize the occurrence of writing errors. Drives have a "Self Diagnostic Function". This function prevents drives from running under unfavorable conditions (such as laser power deterioration, laser pick-up getting dirt/dust ect.) which minimizes the risk of high error rate. Choose either an internal or external drive.

• Internal & External Drives available 
• Data buffer 2Mb 
• Disc speed 16X 
• Loading Lifetime: More than 10,000 times (in clean environment)

6167-5070 JVC Digital Archival System External DVD Recorder
6167-5079 JVC Digital Archival System Internal DVD Recorder
JVC Error Checker
If you need further verification that your 
data is safe, you can use the Error Checker device to randomly (or periodically) check discs for possible errors. Digital media requires checking error rates of DVD'd to determine when future migration will be required. This Error Checker, manufactured by TEAC, is optimized for JVC Archival Grade DVD-R and has a self-diagnostic function. The test result is indicated in accordance with the data migration on standard for long-term storage of electronic documents ISO/IEC29121*2  

• Interface: USB 2.0 
• DVD Measurment Time: 10 min. 30 sec. in Standard Mode, 2 min. 30 sec. in Quick Mode 
• Loading Lifetime: More than 40,000 times (in clean environment)

6167-5000 JVC Digital Archival System Dedicated Error Checker