Kleenmaster Brillianize Cleaner and Polisher

Kleenmaster anti-static cleaner which does not attract dust and reduces scratching of plexiglas exhibit cases and display cases. Cleans and shines all types of plastics, glass, any other hard, shiny, non-absorbent surface. Also helps resist finger marking. Non-toxic. Avoid freezing.
Ideal for use with Brillianize are the Kleenmaster Sofkloths.  Sofkloth is the ultimate high quality, lint free, wood pulp free and polyester free, aerospace optical grade Rayon polishing cloth. Used on cameras, lenses, glass and acrylic display cases, and fine art framing.

6962-0008 Kleenmaster Brillianize Cleaner and Polisher 225ml (8fl oz)
6962-0200 Kleenmaster Sofkloth Pkg/10