Light Sheet

These exceptionally thin flexible light sheet are less than 1mm thick, emits no UV radiation and negligible heat even when used for hours or days at a time. The unit provides an even light over the whole surface - up to 200 candles/m2 with no dark spots. The lighted panels have a surface hard enough to be worked on and are perfect for many conservations related tasks. Use them to view watermarks in books or backlight pages for in situ repairs without damaging the spine. They're ideal for viewing photo negatives, backlighting and illuminating damaged areas of paintings or textiles. Thin and flexible, they can be rolled to fit inside hard-to-reach areas such as vintage clothing sleeves or other three-dimensional objects. Being so lightweight, they are also quite portable allowing several conservators within an institution to share a light source and use the LEC panel in their own workspace without having to transport fragile objects to a shared light table. They can also be used for long-term exhibition and informational signage lighting. All panels come with the appropriate size dimmer power pack, light sheet and wall socket power cord making them ready for immediate use.

6015-0004 Light Sheet A4 Working Dimensions 190 x 275mm
6015-0003 Light Sheet A3 Working Dimensions 390 x 275mm
Special sizes are available upon request. Please contact us.