Museum Vacuum Cleaner


Museum vacuum with dial suction control, compact and light weight, specially developed to conservation standards with unique features such as adjustable suction level, allowing the lowest vacuum on delicate fragile items, to full power for tougher cleaning jobs. Mildew spores are locked in a disposable paper filter bag by patented valve preventing further contamination. A range of accessories are available for the museum vacuum. Secure shoulder strap for hands free operation is designed for this model, as is a nylon carry bag for the vacuum and all the accessories. Stretch hose without coil back pressure & soft rubber tools prevent chipping and scratching works of art.

Power Supply 230V
Power Consumption 400 watt
Airflow 12 litres per second
Suction 642mm H²O
Filtration 0.3 micron
Capacity 1.7 litres
Weight 2kg
Dimensions 320 x 175 x 146mm

6561-1997 Museum Vac - including Hose and Rubber Nozzle and One Filter Bag
6561-4251 Museum Vac Filter Bags & Seal Label - for 6561-1997 Pkg/10
6561-8099 Museum Vac Nylon Carry Bag - fits 6561-1997
6561-8090 Museum Vac Secure Shoulder Strap - fits 6561-1997

Vacuum Cleaner Accessories
6875-UV-2/1 Vacuum Cleaner Mini Adapter Kit - fits all models :- A
6561-4958 Vacuum Cleaner Fan Shaped Fitting for mini adapter :- B
6561-4960 Vacuum Cleaner Picture / Stretcher Vacuum Kit :- C
6561-8610 Vacuum Cleaner Crevice Tool :- 1
6561-8650 Vacuum Cleaner Crevice Tool Brush :- 2
6561-4956 Vacuum Cleaner Large Horse Hair Brush :- 3
6561-4952 Vacuum Cleaner Brush Small White Goat Hair - for mini adapter vacuum kit Pkg/2 :- 4
6561-4954 Vacuum Cleaner Brush Large White Goat Hair :- 5
6561-4953 Vacuum Cleaner Brush Small Pig Hair -  for mini adapter kit Pkg/2 :- 6
6561-4955 Vacuum Cleaner Brush Small White Horse Hair - for mini adapter kit Pkg/2 :- 7
6561-4241 Vacuum Cleaner Large Brush &Textile Combination Attachment :- 8