NOTRAX Floor Matting

  • Ergonomic, Anti-Fatigue and Safety Floor Matting
  • Dirt, Moisture, Dust and Logo Entrance Floor Matting
  • Food Processing and Foodservice Floor Matting

The “Notrax” family of floor matting offers a wide variety of highly efficient Ergonomic, Anti-Fatigue, Safety and Entrance floor matting solutions perfectly suited for use in a wide variety of applications.


For over 50 years, the “Notrax” name has stood for industry leading quality and innovation. Used in all types of facilities from restaurant and hospitality industries to Fortune 500 companies, small businesses and even households, "Notrax" floor matting provides not only a safe solution but also a long-lasting attractive look to entrance ways, lobby’s, homes, work areas, and more!

Ergonomic, Anti-Fatigue and Safety Floor Matting
On The Edge Ltd. / OTE are the Irish distributor for the full lines of ergonomic, anti-fatigue and safety floor matting from the finest manufacturers in the industry “Notrax” who are renowned for the premium quality, durability and style of their products.

Many of these floor mats are available cut to order in custom sizes. We can assist you with selecting the correct floor mat for your purposes.

NOTRAX Ergonomic Anti-Fatigue and Safety Floor Matting Download Catalogue


Entrance Floor Matting

Control dirt, moisture and dust. Prevent slips by keeping your floors drier. The floor mats in this collection are designed to trap moisture and debris, keeping your floors cleaner and reducing the chance of a slip and fall. These “Notrax” floor mats offer an outstanding choice for entrance ways and other traffic areas.




NOTRAX Dirt, Moisture, Dust and Logo Floor Matting Download Catalogue

Food Processing Foodservice Floor Matting  






NOTRAX Food Processing Foodservice Floor Matting  Download Catalogue  

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