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Mount Mats

We manufacture and supply a range of pre-cut standard and custom size bevel cut mount-mats.
  • Standard size pre-cut mount-mats
  • Standard size pre-cut multi aperture mount-mats
  • Custom size mount-mats
  • Custom size multi aperture mount-mat
 Rectangle Aperture
 Square Aperture
 Oval Aperture

 Custom Cut

  Custom Cut Multi Aperture


There are two main reasons for using a mount-mat, one is aesthetic and the other is protective. From an aesthetic point of view the picture mount-mat provides a visual break between the picture and the frame. From a protective point of view the picture mount-mat provides a breathing space between the glass and the image.

Extensive damage can and is caused to art, photographs, painting, etc. pressed up against or in contact with the glass.


All our mount-mats are cut using the latest technology which enables us to produce high quality consistent mounts-mats. We use the latest model CMC (computerised mount-mat cutter) which enables us to cut almost any shape into the mount-mat board with high precision. We can also cut lettering, and if you have your own design or idea we can scan or import this to the cutter and cut your design in to the mount-mat.


 CMC | Computerised Mount-Mat Cutter
On The Edge Ltd. (OTE) has invested in the latest technology for mount-mat cutting, the Valiani Computerised Mount-Mat Cutter (CMC). The machine is the Matpro cmc iX multi purpose model which means we can cut almost any shape or letter into a mount-mat, the CMC is allowing us to produce mount-mats of a consistently highest quality and standard.
Mount-Mats are also known as mount, mounts, mat, mats, matts, passepartout, etc. depending on the area of the world you are from.