Plastic Sheeting

Clear strong polythene centre folded plastic sheeting. Tough, economical, temporary polythene sheeting can be used to cover shelving, machinery, etc. protecting from leaks and water in a disaster or bad weather situation. It is also suitable to protect flooring and vertical fixtures and fittings from the effects of dust. It is durable, and helps contain dirt and any spillages. Temporary polythene sheeting is easy to tailor fit as it only needs to be cut into shape.
Clear strong polythene centre-fold sheeting for protection in storage against dust, moisture, is ideal for draping over library shelves protecting from leaks and water in a disaster situation.
  • Temporary use sheeting on roll
  • Clear
  • Supplied centre folded on roll to aid easy transportation 2 meters wide opening to 4 meters
Clear Polythene Plastic Sheeting - Rolls 4m x 50m (Folded to 1m)
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