Polyester Double Sided Tape

Archival grade polyester double sided pressure sensitive adhesive tape for bonding polyester and polypropylene film to itself or to board.
The 415 tape from 3M is a high quality double sided transparent tape most often used for creating polyester Mylar/Melinex envelopes, as well as mounting photographs and labels, and other applications where a narrow width high tack double sided tape is required.
Polyester Mylar/Melinex envelopes are created with two sheets of polyester and a narrow width 415 tape appropriate for the size envelope being made. The tape is run along three edges of one sheet of Mylar, the backing from the tape is removed, and the second sheet of Mylar is adhered down on top. This will create an envelope sealed on three sides.

Use to hinge a clear overlay to a conservation backing board to protect a print. Very permanent and should not come into contact with artwork.

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