Portable Dehumidifier

The dehumidifier is self-contained and designed to be portable enough to go anywhere for a variety of applications.  It is rugged enough for an industrial environment, and yet attractive enough to use in any area.  The mobile and versatile dehumidifier can operate anywhere you need to control humidity and remove moisture.

The dehumidifier has the power to extract up to 10lts of water in a single day. Yet because it uses energy efficient heat pump technology running costs are very low, costing no more than a TV to run. The dehumidifier offers low maintenance with very little supervision required after installation. Whenever and wherever there is a need for fast, dependable, energy efficient drying and humidity control this dehumidifiers will provide the answer.

The dehumidifier is designed to operate effectively at lower temperatures and is suitable for up to 80 square meters. The humidistat control is set to the level of humidity required, automatically switches the machine on when humidity rises and off when the selected level of dryness has been achieved. The dehumidifier automatically switches itself off when the water container is full which prevents overflowing.
6810-0035 Portable Dehumidifier
6810-0035/1 Dehumidifier Permanent Drainage Kit
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