Silver Safe Interleaving Paper

This photo and silver safe unbuffered paper is made from high purity 100% cotton all rag paper. It has been developed for photographic conservation. An ideal interleaving paper used for protecting prints and works of art on paper. The fibre distribution and formation are excellent with a very smooth finish to prevent damage by abrasion. At the time of manufacture the pH value is between 6.8 and 7.2 since the paper is not buffered. A drop in pH value is to be expected when exposed to normal atmospheric conditions.

Various uses are found for this 40gsm 100% cotton rag paper other then the obvious photographic uses such as document and manuscript repair, backing, lining, reinforcing, hinging, interleaving and wrapping. Silver safe photo paper is ideal for storage where unbuffered stock is used such as for wool and silk textiles, silver and other artifacts.

6682-1180 Silver Safe Interleaving Paper 40gsm 610 x 914mm Pkg/50
6682-1191 Silver Safe Interleaving Paper 40gsm Roll 1270mm x 227m