Steel Horizontal Planchest Cabinet

These conservation quality cabinets have been supplied for many years to libraries, museums and archives that require archival quality storage, for larger papers, textiles, charts, maps, posters, drawings. The roller glide system gives optimum smooth drawer operation. Retaining channel at back of each drawer prevents charts, maps etc. from curling upwards avoiding damage when opening drawers. 

Cabinets can be stacked on top of each other.

  • High Quality steel bearing runners
  • Drawer loading up to 75Kg 
  • Fully locking
  • Anti-tilt function 
  • Full width drawer handles
Colours light grey, dark grey, mid grey, blue, white, beige and brown. Please note: mid grey will be delivered if colour is not specified when ordering.

6501-0041 Steel Horizontal Cabinet A0 - 4 Drawers 50 x 920 x 1225mm
6501-0051 Steel Horizontal Cabinet A0 - 5 Drawers 50 x 920 x 1225mm
6501-0061 Steel Horizontal Cabinet A0 - 6 Drawers 50 x 920 x 1225mm
6501-0071 Steel Horizontal Cabinet A0 - 7 Drawers 50 x 920 x 1225mm
6501-0081 Steel Horizontal Cabinet A0 - 8 Drawers 50 x 920 x 1225mm
6501-00PL Steel Horizontal Cabinets Plinth - acts as base on bottom of cabinet 50mm