TacStep Adhesive Floor Mats


Tacstep adhesive mats for use where dirt and contamination is a risk.

Multi-layered clean-film full adhesive surfaced mat attracts and contains and effectively capture dirt and dust from foot traffic and equipment wheels before they enter the controlled environment, such as conservation labs, archives and clean rooms. Each of the numbered layers of the mat simply peels off easily to reveal a new clean surface. A flexible, double coated vinyl with acrylic adhesive on the bottom surface of the mat will hold firmly yet leaves no adhesive residue on the floor after removal. Standard pad 30 sheets of layered mats. 30 adhesive mat sheets per pad, 4 pads per case, total 120 mats. Priced per case
Size: 60 x 114cm (24" x 45")

TS00-2445 TacStep Adhesive Floor Mats - 30 mats per pad - Pkg/4 pads 120 mats (24" x 45")