Task Light

This triple bright lamp is one of the brightest task lights available. If you need maximum light, With 345W of pure white natural daylight, this is a professional high power workstation lamp, lighting up wide areas on your desk, work station, drawing board or large painting. The lamp has 3 x 14W energy saving daylight tubes offering an incredible 42W pool of light. The 60cm large shade can be smoothly adjusted vertically, horizontally and laterally to any desired position. With this great light you will be amazed how much better you will see the finer details, contrast and true colours in your work. The low heat full spectrum light with 6,500°K improves contrast and , reduces glare. Supplied with table clamp. Lamp trolley available.

6609-3250 Triple Bright Lamp Task Light
6609-3214 Spare 14 Watt Energy Saving Tube

6609-2253 Superglide Trolley
6609-9057 Work Bench Bracket