Thermo/Hygrograph - Temperature and Humidity

The Thermo Hydrograph is a simple, accurate and reliable instrument to measure air temperature and relative air humidity displaying a graphic recording of the synchronised proceeding of the two measurements allow the viewing and reliable recording on a double scale chart of humidity and temperature.
A neat compact, reliable, and economical instrument makes this Thermo/Hygrograph recorder the ideal choice for archives, museums, galleries, libraries, laboratories, storage rooms, paper storage, meteorology, printing or computer rooms, measuring temperature and humidity changes over periods of 1, 7 or 31 days.  Measurement sensors are a natural hair bundle for humidity, which is best suited for indoor use and a bimetal leaf sensor for temperature, the recording time can be set on a daily, weekly or a monthly reading cycle generated by a dependable electronic quartz clockwork movement which remains reliable and accurate as time passes.
The Thermo/Hydrograph recording drum revolution cycle can be easy set from daily, weekly or monthly recording cycle, with corresponding time 25.6h/176h/783h.The recorders are supplied completely with recording felt tipped pens as well as chart paper for one year period.

Temperature range: -5ºC - 55ºC accuracy +/- 0.5º - Sensor: High specific u-shaped  bimetal strip
Humidity range: 0 RH - 100% RH accuracy +/- 3%, mid-range - Sensor: Natural hair bundle
Dimensions: 290mm L x 145mm H x 260mm W

The instrument can be equipped with a safety lockable housing.

Thermo/Hygrograph - Daily Chart Pkg/100
Thermo/Hygrograph - Weekly Chart Pkg/60
Thermo/Hygrograph - Monthly Chart Pkg/13
Thermo/Hygrograph - Replacement Pen Black