Thread By Thread Tear Mending

Materials and Supplies Thread by Thread Tear Mending for Paintings

Thread-By-Thread Tear Mending by Petra Demuth, a technical lecturer in the Department of Restoration and Conservation of Paintings, Polychrome Sculptures and Modern Art at Cologne Institute of Conservation Science. The workshop has been presented at various institutes around the world, including The Hamilton Kerr Institute, The Courtauld Institute of Art, The Chicago Institute of Art and the J Paul Getty Museum. The workshop took place in Ireland in October 2012 sponsored by The Institute for Conservation of Historic Works of Art in Ireland (ICHAWI) is pleased to announce the forthcoming Thread-by-Thread tear mending workshop, generously supported by The National Gallery of Ireland.

On The Edge / OTE Conservation Supplies are pleased to make available as wide a range of products suitable for the methods used to undertake the Thread by Thread Tear mending method.

OTE will continue to add products and supplies for the Thread by Thread Tear mending method as they become available.

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Products currently available in stock or on a short delivery time.
  • Wheat starch 2oz  8oz
  • Japanese Wheat Starch Jin Shofu 1kg
  • Japanese Wheat Starch from Paper Noa Shofu 500g
  • Lascaux Jun Funori 1g
  • Araldite Epoxy Rapid 2012 50ml cartridge
  • Araldite Epoxy 2020
  • Polyamid Melting Powder Lascaux 5065 500g
  • Neutral pH Adhesive Lineco 4oz or 8oz
  • EVACON-R Conservation Adhesive
  • Cyclododecan Spray Can 400ml
  • Cyclododecan Solid 500g
  • Beva 371 Film 686mm x 1m or 686mm x 5m 
  • Book Binder yarn/thread
  • Polyester yarn/twine
  • Stainless Steel Staples Pkg/5000
  • Dentist Explorer Tool 
  • Entomology insect needle
  • Tweezers with bent / curved tip stainless steel
  • Weights for conservation
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