Tyvek Paper Sheets

Tyvek 1073D is an acid free sheet of pure spun-bonded polyethylene olefin fibres. It is lighter, tougher and longer lasting than paper. You can mark it with pencil, pen, typewriter or you can emboss images into it. Tyvek is unaffected by water, most solvents and most fumigants. You'll find many uses for it, create washable labels for your textiles, cover padded displays, line shelves, display cases, picture frame backing or create special enclosures. Tyvek can be used with our conservation adhesives to reinforce book spines and hinges, or to line phase boxes. OTE’s Tyvek sheets are the 1073D grade which is stiffer, smoother and more paper like than the grade we supply in rolls. 1073D is 75gsm.