Tyvek Rolls

Tyvek rolls, the advance packaging for conservation, museums and art galleries storage. The ideal material for archive and protective situations. In long term storage, packaging made of Tyvek proves its resistance over and over. Durable, extremely abrasion, puncture and tear resistant Tyvek rolls can be used with much versatility, as an interim layer, wrapping or dust protection for transportation or archiving. Tyvek roll boasts a high level of breathability ensuring condensation can escape, minimising the risk of mould forming on your paintings, artefacts and other items. Tyvek roll is also smooth, which prevents it from causing scratch damage to surfaces and also makes it easy to work with. Tyvek is used for wrapping and interleaving, as well as a protective covering for larger items. Tyvek is ideal for protecting paintings and artefacts, making protective covers for rolled textiles, furniture, costumes and shelf liners and is also suitable for envelope manufacture and can be sewn to create fitted covers. Tyvek is resistant to tearing, mould and mildew, dust particles and water. Artefacts items are best cover separately whenever possible to keep one from damaging the other. Tyvek is inert, neutral, gas permeable, thermally stable, non-abrasive and durable. Tyvek is strong, yet drapes without hard creases. Easily cut, sewn, taped or heat sealed, it is also suitable for fabricating garment bags or protective covers.
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