Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp

This Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp with a bright 28W daylight light, the unique XR 17.5cm / 7" lens and the free-motion head joint, makes this lamp combines the latest innovations in lighting design. The daylight energy saving tube ensures that you have plenty of comfortable light to work with. The XR technology makes the lens 50% lighter, extra resistant and easy to clean. And the new head joint guarantees you precise and smooth positioning of your lamp without constantly having to tighten the wing-nut. The lamp includes an electronic ballast so you can work longer in comfortable light and it has the Quick Lens Swap System so you can increase the magnification in seconds without any tools.

6609-2208 Ultra Slim Magnifying Lamp
6609-2212 Spare 28W circular tube
6609-2262 Optional Lens 2.25x
6609-2263 Swing arm 40mm Lens 4.75x